Beyond assists – uncovering the DNA of Oranje

Data volumes are increasing by the minute. In sports and football in particular, data-based analyses have really taken off over the last years. Stadiums – and players for that matter – are equipped with the latest technology to automatically gather data. Most statistics regard players and matches. But what can we tell about team performance? Analysing matches using the innovative technology of process mining uncovers the cooperation of a football team, looking beyond mere assists. It has great potential:

  • Gain 100% objective and detailed insight into the team’s cooperation
  • Uncover field position and team cooperation networks, from a player-interaction point of view
  • Uncover the patterns behind created opportunities and goals scored
  • Fine-tune the strategic game plan during matches based on real-time performance information
  • Compare within and across matches to reveal the effectiveness of strategic game and training plans
  • Gain new player statistics

In this case study, process mining is applied to data collected from two matches of the Dutch national football team, “Oranje”. Resulting models that reflect how players cooperate within the team are analysed to reveal insights such as the above.


The case study is available in three languages:

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