Data volumes are increasing by the minute. Within these data, a wealth of information and knowledge is enclosed. Due to the immense amount, and increased complexity in data structures, there is a growing need for IT solutions that are able to cope with these Big Data challenges. Highly powerful are data analysis techniques that benefit from both computing power of computers as well as cognitive ability of the human being to interpret results.

Process mining is such a leading-edge data analysis technique to extract process knowledge from data. It is an upcoming technique to objectively analyze, improve and monitor your business processes. As its name suggests, it uncovers the process model and performance information from data captured by corporate IT systems. As it is solely based on data, the technique is 100% objective.

Process mining provides a solid starting point to identify and implement improvements, with e.g. lean management techniques, or for monitoring and auditing purposes.


  • Explicit knowledge on process performance
  • Shorten and improve decision making
  • Data-based process improvement
  • Empower employees
  • Insight into customer journey
  • Bottleneck analysis
  • Team analysis


  • Verify compliance with rules and regulations
    • Auditing based on facts and full range, no sample survey
    • Compare process execution to SLA’s
    • Find root causes in the process for deviations
  • Monitor ongoing cases and take action

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