Emmy Dudok, MSc

Emmy is an enthusiastic and highly motivated entrepreneur, with a passion for research areas stemming from BPM, including process-mining. With her strong communication and analytical skills, she is able to bridge business and IT. She has proven in practice that process-mining projects thrive well with a directed approach.

ProcessChemistry is an independent consultancy agency engaged in training, consultancy and support in the area of Business Process Intelligence, among which process mining. Process mining is an upcoming and highly innovative field. More and more organizations recognize its potential and want to implement it in their organizations. At ProcessChemistry we are fully dedicated to this field of expertise and have highly experienced business process scientists. A process-oriented mindset, good analytical skills, technical computer-science expertise, good communication skills, and years of experience are what makes for a highly dedicated process mining expert. We have years of experience in the field. We have supported various process mining projects and embedded process mining in organizations in various industries (e.g. healthcare, government, utilities, insurances, and financial services).


Process mining is both suitable for periodic process improvement and auditing projects, as well as continuous monitoring of processes and is applicable throughout the entire organization. At ProcessChemistry we believe that to unlock the full potential of process mining, it has to be fully embedded in the organization. By embedding process mining in your organisation, you are able to objectively monitor your operational processes – ensuring timely intervention when required, verify compliance with rules and regulations, and improve your processes based on explicit and in-depth process knowledge. We are eager to share our experience and knowledge with your organization, so your employees will be able to independently reap all benefits of process mining. See SERVICES for more information on our accessible WORKSHOPS, comprehensive PROSPECTING projects, and full-blown implementation support.


There’s no need to reinvent the wheel, we’ve captured all of our knowledge and expertise in BATEA™, a structured, practical approach to process mining projects. Covering all aspects, ranging from initial checks and data extraction to analysis and documentation, success is guaranteed. With BATEA™ you’ll know where you’re at, every step of the way.


Due to the increasing amount of data that is being collected, process mining is also gaining attention. Both from an academic as well as commercial point of view. Because of our close connection to the academic world, and partnerships with leading-edge software vendors in the field, we keep ourselves and our customers up-to-date with the latest developments. So we don’t miss out on valuable new developments.

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